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GrassSoGreen...the lawn nutrient system that gives you a green thumb without lifting a finger!!



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GrassSoGreen Fertilizer

GrassSoGreen is designed to be fed through the irrigation system by a feeder system, providing a steady stream of a small quantity of nutrient.

v     Nitrogen-rich, it enhances grass greening.

v     It will not burn grass as granular fertilizer can.

v     Remaining in the root zone from one sprinkling to the next,  it will not run off and pollute bodies of water.

Product Description Part No. Order
GrassSoGreen 2655  
GrassSoGreen can be mixed into the feeder tank along with Rid O'Rust Rust Stain Prevention Formulas! It will not affect the performance of the Formula products.

Determining Dosage

Determine how many months or portions of a month it takes for your feeder system to empty and dose accordingly. Example: if it takes two months for your feeder to empty and you have 2000 square feet of lawn, put two gallons of GrassSoGreen into the tank.

Size of Lawn
In Square Feet
Gallons of GrassSoGreen
to be Applied Per Month


2000 1.0
3000 1.5
4000 2.0
5000 2.5


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